JT Shoulder Holster


This JT shoulder holster is hand crafted with modern reinforcements. Every holster comes with retention to hold your gun in place, to ensure comfort and durability. This holster comes with a thumb strap over the dove tail.



The JT shoulder holster was designed for comfort. With years of research, we have designed one of the best shoulder holsters on the market. It rides between the shoulder blades and bellow the neck. With this design you will never have your neck or armpits pinched. The weight is equally distributed with a double magazine on the week side. Making this the perfect shoulder holster for your everyday needs.

Unlike the old day leather, which was soft and floppy, JT Holsters are hand crafted with modern reinforcements. We use an acrylic clear coat dip on all of our holsters that seal the leather forever and stay rigid.

Other customization options include various color options such as tan RP (reinforcement panel) on black holster, as well as some exotic leathers for the RP, and fully lined holsters.

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