JT Drop Leg Holster


A drop leg holster made for the rugged outdoorsman/women. This rig is made for comfort and made to last.



Our drop leg holster is made for the rugged outdoorsman/women. It sits secure on your thigh with a 1-1/2 military grade webbing and buckle. Make sure and give us a measurement from the grip to the top of your belt line so we get this in just the right place for you. As with all of our holsters they are made to fit.

Unlike the old day leather, which was soft and floppy, JT Holsters are hand crafted with modern reinforcements. We use an acrylic clear coat dip on all of our holsters that seal the leather forever and stay rigid. Every holster comes with retention to hold your gun in place, but have the option of adding a thumb break for extra security.

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