Buscadero Gun Belt and Holster


The Buscadero style Gun Belt and Holster is the ultimate style and comfort piece. This holster rides low on your hips and features 30 bullet loops, along with a leg strap and holster.

Please see attached graphic for accurate belt sizing.

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The Buscadero style Gun Belt and Holster comes with 30 bullet loops, a leg strap, and holster molded to fit your weapon. This holster rides low on your hips just like the old western gun slingers.

The holster measures 3” wide, with a 1-1/2” buckle and billet, finely crafted with two layers of 8oz premium hides.

Optional are hammer thong or hammer strap (no extra charge).

Your belt size is measured from the fold right before the buckle to the middle hole.

  1. Your belt size is typically the same as your pant size plus 2 inches.
    B.  To verify place a cloth measure tape THROUGH (NOT around or over loops) the pant belt loops to get an accurate reading. Where the cloth tape crosses should be your belt size. Pull it as tight as you are going to wear it.
    C.  The preferable method is to measure an old belt from the fold to the hole you are wearing it in now. This should be the middle hole if the belt fits properly.

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