Because of JT Holsters’ dedication to quality,

we choose only the best materials for our craft and products. While you can purchase a holster anywhere, JT recognizes the importance of having equipment that is not only customized to fit your needs – but also withstands use and stands as something to be proud of owning.

Every holster, gun belt, and magazine holster is hand made with premium leather hides, such as Hermann Oak – molded to fit your gun perfectly and meticulously machine stitched to measure up to the standard of excellence. Great attention to detail provides a guarantee that you can be confident that you will only find the best at JT Holsters!

We value customer service as a priority, and as a result, anything less than the standard of highest quality for best value isn’t acceptable.

JT Holsters stands behind customers,

which means we take pride in ensuring you’re 100% happy with your purchase.