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pancake holsters
XDe 3.3 

OWB Holster


The Pancake style leather holster attachs on the outside of your belt. Our standard cant is 15 degrees with barrel to the back. (Other cants are available) 

iwb holsters (in the waist band)
IWB holster 


The IWB holster is made to wear on the inside of the waistband. They come with a strong rigid steel clip that will hold to your belt.  Great for Conceal carry

single magazine holsters
Single Magazine Holster


The Single magazine holster are made to wear on the outside of the belt on the opposite side of the firearm.  

double magazine holsters
Double magazine holster. 


The Double magazine holster is made to wear on the outside of the belt on the opposite side of the firearm. 

the ultimate in holsters
The ultimate for those who want it all at Their hands.


The ultimate is a pancake holster with a magazine holster all in one.  

belts made for you holsters
Gun Belt 

Made with two layers of premium hide and an inner lining of kydex for rigidity. Gun belts are offered with or without bullet loops.  

 Here at JT Holsters quality is a must. We are dedicated to delivering a quality holster and belt at a fair price. All of our products are hand made from premium hides. Not only do we offer a great product we also have great customer service. If you have any questions feel free to ask us. We will be happy to answer your question. We have recently started making western style holsters. Check out our gallery page to see some pictures. In the near future we will be adding prices. In the mean time just contact us and we will make you one. We will also be adding shoulder holsters in the near future. Come back soon and see our new line up.

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